About Us

Pembroke Montessori is a new Montessori school open since August 2014.

The school is located on Pembroke Road, in beautiful Georgian Dublin.

 We offer full,  part time and sessional facilities for children aged 2.5-5 years. 

We also have an afterschool service available to local schools.



Owner, Manager & Montessori Teacher


I'm Sinead, a St. Nicholas trained Montessori Teacher. It was a lifelong ambition of mine to become a teacher and after graduating from UCD with a Degree in Sociology, I began studying the work of Maria Montessori. I really believe in the Montessori method and I am privileged to work with children in their most developmental and absorbant stage. After qualifying, I spent four years gaining experience and teaching in a wonderful school, Highfield Montessori, Rathgar. 

I was very proud and excited to open the doors of Pembroke Montessori in September 2013. It has been an incredible few years and Pembroke 

wouldn't be the school it is today without the wonderful teaching team I have with me. Pembroke Montessori is a happy, homely and safe environment for the children. Children start to learn from when they are born. They need an environment that stimulates learning and development and that is exactly what I aim to create. 

I look forward to meeting you and your little ones soon!


Montessori Dublin 4, Montessori Ballsbridge


Montessori Teacher & Deputy Manager

I’m Sam. Becoming a teacher has always been my ambition.  In particular, my passion lies in Montessori teaching and early years education. Here at Pembroke Montessori, I hope to provide the loving, patient care and guidance that all children deserve. 

I completed a Degree in Culinary Arts in DIT in 2009 and after some time spent travelling and working, I began my studies at St. Nicholas Montessori College. I graduated in 2016 and soon after I joined Sinead and her team at Pembroke Montessori. 


Before joining Pembroke, I worked for five years in a family run childcare facility. It was there that my passion and eagerness to learn more about the early years of a child’s life was developed. 


I am delighted to be part of the Pembroke Montessori team and I look forward, with enthusiasm, to welcoming your children to our stimulating environment.

Montessori Teacher & Assistant Montessori Manager


I’m Sophie, I have always wanted to work with children and having begun my own education in Montessori, I feel it was distilled into me since a young age. I completed an honours degree in Food Innovation in the Dublin Institute of Technology in June 2014. Soon after I decided I wanted to be a Montessori teacher as I feel influencing the development of a child is very rewarding. In September 2014 I began studying at St. Nicholas Montessori College.


Before joining Sinead and her team at Pembroke Montessori I gained invaluable experience alongside professional teachers in Park Academy which provides high quality childcare.

I'm delighted to have Sinead as a mentor and to be working in a stimulating environment at Pembroke Montessori. I enjoy bringing creativity to the classroom and watching the progress of each child. 

Montessori Teacher 

I’m Aimee, I am passionate about being a positive, nurturing and influential figure in children’s lives. 


My journey towards qualifying in Early Childhood Education and Care began in Berlin, Germany, where I first worked in a Fröbel Kindergarden. It was a privilege to implement their Bilingual Education programme and to support all of the children in the development of their linguistic skills and education. 


I knew then that I wanted to dedicate myself to children’s education and that it was the start of a lifelong career. Upon my return to Ireland, I immediately enrolled in a Childcare Management course which I completed with distinction, whilst also working part-time in a community crèche.


I believe that it’s important to embrace children’s differences and individuality, while learning and developing their social skills with peers. I am so happy to be part of the Pembroke Montessori team and I look forward to my future here and all the children that I will have the pleasure to teach.

Montessori Teacher

Hi, I am Jane. As a Montessori teacher, it is my desire to provide an appropriate environment that is safe and assists manageable risks, in which children are free to explore and investigate and where children's physical, emotional and intellectual development is promoted. 


I completed a bachelors degree in Social Welfare in South Korea and worked with children for 4 years in second language development where I become professionally more interested in children's intellectual development. While I was completing the Higher Diploma in Arts in Early Years Montessori Education in St. Nicholas, I gained priceless experience in Pembroke Montessori as a student teacher. Now I am proud of myself to be a Montessori teacher in here with a great team. 


One of my goals as a teacher is to be a professional leader of children with a wide range of knowledge, deep understanding, a mature reflection, insight and tolerance. My best interest is in children and their interests while encouraging all children to explore their full range of abilities and opportunities. 

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Montessori Teacher

My name is Carmen. I am from Valencia, Spain where I studied a degree in Speech Therapy and worked in voluntary programs with children and adults. Through this work I came to realise that my real passion was to specialise in teaching children, respecting and taking into account their natural development. After qualifying in Early Childhood Education, I worked in a pre-school setting for several years in Valencia. While I enjoyed this thoroughly, I always had an interest in learning more about different education methodologies.

From the moment I arrived in Dublin I started working in a pre-school center while at the same time studying Montessori Teaching in Portobello. This mixture of working and learning offered me a unique insight to understanding the differences in methods and highlighting to me the benefits of Montessori, all the while enjoying the time spent in every classroom.

I strongly believe that all children are unique and are destined to do wonderful things in the world. As a teacher, I want to be a guide for the children so that they discover their interests and acquire the necessary skills to face life.

I am very pleased to be part of Pembroke and the fabulous team here, looking forward to contributing to the ethos of preparing the children not just for school, but for life.

Pembroke Montessori | 52 Pembroke Road | Ballsbridge | Dublin 4

Call Sinead 0877901755


Montessori Dublin 4, Montessori Ballsbridge, Pembroke Montessori
Montessori Dublin 4, Montessori Ballsbridge, Pembroke Montessori