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Pembroke Montessori

Hands on educators
who teach with
care & attention

Our Aims

Our objective is to establish within a child the intellectual, emotional, and physical rigor needed to become a self-directed learner, flexible thinker, creative problem solver, and support their ever-increasing curiosity.

  • Create an environment which will develop within each child a feeling of self-acceptance.
  • Provide an atmosphere which promotes respect and concern for all individuals;
  • Enable each child to realise his full potential
  • Extend early home experiences
  • Provide opportunities for exploration & creativity

Our Teachers

  • Owner
  • Manger
  • Montessori Teacher

I'm Sinead, a St. Nicholas trained Montessori Teacher. It was a lifelong ambition of mine to become a teacher and after graduating from UCD with a Degree in Sociology, I began studying the work of Maria Montessori. I really believe in the Montessori method and I am privileged to work with children in their most developmental and absorbant stage. After qualifying, I spent four years gaining experience and teaching in the wonderful Highfield Montessori, Rathgar.

I was very proud and excited to open the doors of Pembroke Montessori in September 2013. We have grown so much and recently expanded our space, team and capacity in 2022. It has been an incredible journey so far and Pembroke wouldn't be the school it is today without the wonderful teaching team I have with me.

Pembroke Montessori is a happy, homely and safe environment for the children. Children begin to learn from the moment they are born. They need an environment that stimulates learning and development and encourages freedom within boundaries. That is exactly what I aim to create and I look forward to meeting you and your little ones soon!

  • On Maternity Leave
  • Manager
  • Montessori Teacher
  • Afterschool collections

I'm Sam and I am the Pembroke manager. Becoming a teacher has always been my ambition. In particular, my passion lies in Montessori teaching and early years education. Here at Pembroke Montessori, I hope to provide the loving, patient care and guidance that all children deserve.

I completed a Degree in Culinary Arts in DIT in 2009 and after some time spent travelling and working, I began my studies at St. Nicholas Montessori College. I graduated in 2016 and soon after I joined Sinead and her team at Pembroke Montessori.

Before joining Pembroke, I worked for five years in a family run childcare facility. It was there that my passion and eagerness to learn more about the early years of a child's life was developed.

I am delighted to be part of the Pembroke Montessori team and I look forward, with enthusiasm, to welcoming you and your children to our stimulating environment.

  • Montessori Assistant Teacher

My name is Carmen. I have been working with the Pembroke team since 2019 and I am Mom to my little girl, Julia. I'm from Valencia, Spain where I studied a degree in Speech Therapy and worked in voluntary programs with children and adults. Through this work I came to realise that my real passion was to specialise in teaching children, respecting and taking into account their natural development. After qualifying in Early Childhood Education, I worked in a pre-school setting for several years in Valencia. While I enjoyed this thoroughly, I always had an interest in learning more about different education methodologies.

From the moment I arrived in Dublin I started working in a pre-school center while at the same time studying Montessori Teaching in Portobello. This mixture of working and learning offered me a unique insight to understanding the differences in methods and highlighting the benefits of Montessori, all the while enjoying the time spent in every classroom.

I strongly believe that all children are unique and are destined to do wonderful things in the world. As a teacher, I want to be a guide for the children so that they discover their interests and acquire the necessary skills to face life. I am very pleased to be part of Pembroke and the fabulous team here, looking forward to contributing to the ethos of preparing the children not just for school, but for life.

  • PE teacher
  • Afterschool Teacher
  • Afterschool collections
  • Montessori Teacher

My name is Maria, I’m from Alicante (Spain) and I consider myself dedicated, creative and patient. This is my second year working as a teacher, but I have been in contact with the educational field all my life as my parents are teachers, so I knew almost everything about what is going on in a school even before I started my studies. 

I studied my degree in Primary School in the University CEU (Spain) where I specialized in Special Needs and Teaching of English. I always have known that being a teacher was the occupation of my life because I love to see how children grow up and have fun learning. Education is the base of life so it is important to transmit values as well as knowledge, taking into account that we are working with children so fun is compulsory!

I started working in Pembroke in 2022 and what I like the most about working in this school is that for the first time in my life I feel like I can be the teacher that I always wanted to be. I have freedom to develop the teaching process just as I understand it and our team of teachers creates a friendly and close atmosphere each day.

  • Montessori Teacher
  • Afterschool Teacher

I'm Miss Elena, from Seville, Spain, but my family is from Málaga so I've grown up between the two cities. I am very energetic and motived person, always seeking the best way to engage all the children in the class, following their lead and interests to make sure the class is a nice an inviting space for them to learn and grow. My interest in working with kids started at a really young age, my parents are both teachers and I used to loved to go with them to their jobs and see how inspiring it was for them teaching young children. Since then I knew I wanted to be a teacher myself! I graduated from the University of Seville in 2014, where I got my Bachelor Honours degree in Primary School Teaching. I have been working with children since then. I came to Ireland in 2017, seeking better opportunities for my career and new methodologies of education, such as the Montessori method. Circle time it's one of my favourite parts of the day in Pembroke, sharing the news of the little ones is an extraordinary way of start the day, they always have so many stories to tell and so many questions to be answered. I also work with the Afterschool children. I teach & LOVE the Zumba class! I'm always looking forward to Thursdays, where we have so much fun dancing and learning new moves.

  • Montessori Teacher
  • Afterschool Teacher

I'm Susie and I am from Bray, Co Wicklow. I am the 2nd eldest of 21 grandchildren so I grew up around a lot of younger cousins and I always loved helping out with them, playing with them and showing them the ropes, so I think I was inspired to work with children from a young age!  I studied Montessori and Childcare Management when I finished school in 2010. I went back to college in 2021 and I got my BA (Ord) in Early Childhood Education and Care in April 2022.  I’m currently finishing my Degree and will be graduating (hopefully!) with a BA(Hons) in April of this year. I have been working with children since 2011 and joined the Pembroke team in 2022. I love how welcoming and supportive everyone has been since I joined the Pembroke Team - both the children and teachers. Having worked in my previous school for nearly 10 years it was daunting to move but I felt so welcomed and never felt like I was the ‘newbie’. I love how close everyone is in Pembroke and how everyone knows all the children and families, there is a great family feel in Pembroke!  

  • Montessori Teacher
  • Montessori Assistant Teacher
  • Afterschool Teacher

My name is Christina and I am from Greece. Growing up I was always told I had a gift with children which is one of the reasons I decided to study childcare. Being half Irish allowed me to explore the Irish educational system and successfully enrolled in TUS in 2017. Completing my Level 8 degree taught me about the importance of the holistic development of the children and ways to encourage them to flourish and be unapologetically themselves! Being able to have the opportunity to travel all the way to Ireland from Greece to pursue what I am passionate about and practice it has been a privilege! The past 5 years I’ve had the great fortune to work in various childcare establishments in many different parts of Ireland allowing me to expand my knowledge and appreciate the uniqueness of not only the children but the communities they were and are part of! Having the opportunity to join the Pembroke team has already taught me valuable ways & methods that I will carry with me for many years to come. Pembroke Montessori is big family made of smaller families. My favorite part of being a being a member of the Pembroke Montessori  team is that we look out for each other. We share our knowledge and most importantly we work in harmony to meet our ultimate goal which is to create a safe environment for children and to help each child develop holistically and build a great foundation for the following academic journey.

  • Montessori Assistant Teacher
  • Afterschool Teacher

My name is Tiana. I was born in a small town in Germany but have been living in Ireland since I was 4 years old. I always wanted to be a teacher growing up which is what led me to study Early Childhood. After completing a PLC course in Early Childhood Care and Education in 2017, I went on to further my experience and knowledge by studying a degree in Marino Institute of Further Education which I completed in 2022. Before joining Pembroke, I worked in a number of wonderful pre-school settings which is where I discovered my interest and passion in learning more about the Montessori method and ways of teaching young children. I am delighted to be part of the Pembroke team. The incredible children and teachers in our school help inspire me to be the teacher I always wanted to be!

Nutrition Focused

Food to help fuel their focus

We believe in offering local, fresh, tasty food. Our meals are prepared by Little Dinners. The food is delicious and more importantly nutritious! Little Dinners add absolutely no salt, bullion, sugar, artificial colours, flavorings, or preservatives to the meals.

All children will have a light lunch. Lunch will be sandwiches, pittas, crackers, cold meats, cheeses, houmous, fresh fruit or veg, served at 11am.

Hot meals are served to part-time, full-time and after-school children. The meals are prepared by Little Dinners. The food is delicious and more importantly nutritious! Little Dinners add absolutely no salt, bullion, sugar, artificial colours, flavourings, or preservatives to the meals.

There is also a small, healthy afternoon snack served at 4pm.

Aleana | Mother

"We have found Pembroke to be an absolutely wonderful environment. All the teachers are so committed and caring. After every 'Pembroke day' Inga comes bouncing home full of fun and tales of what great activities they have been up to. We couldn't be happier with it."

Sally Anne

Pembroke Montessori has been like an extended family for us. Our eldest, Kate, started approximately 7 years ago and her 3 siblings have followed every step. Right now, our youngest child is in Montessori in the mornings and the older 3 go there after school where they eat dinner, do their homework and have some sport and play time. They absolutely love it and complain when I collect them too early! They are so well cared for in a kind and supportive way. I cannot recommend Pembroke Montessori and the teachers highly enough.

Messy play helps children to develop their senses

Our Smock Uniform

Montessori children at Pembroke will wear a smock during school time. The smocks are a great way of protecting clothing and also give a lovely sense of community in a small school like Pembroke Montessori.